Wednesday, 30 December 2015


I am attempting to complete Project 365 in 2016.  This involves taking one photograph every day of the year.  In order to bring some unity to the project, I have decided that I will meet the following conditions:
  • All photographs will be taken on a mobile phone.
  • All photographs will be processed as monochrome images in Instagram.
  • All photographs will be square even though Instagram now allows for them to be rectangular.
  • All photographs will be uploaded to this blog as well as to my Flickr photostream and to Instagram.

I have two mobile phones:
  • Meizu M2 Note which runs Android.
  • Nokia 640 which runs Windows. 
The Meizu is my main phone with the Nokia as back up.  I have the Instagram app on both phones.  However the Windows version of Instagram is described as a beta and has not been updated for about 18 months.  It lacks many of the features of the Android version.  I expect that most of my Project 365 photographs will be taken and processed on the Meizu.

I have completed Project 365 on two previous occasions:
  • The first time was between 29th December 2007 and 28th December 2008.  The photographs from this are at I did not impose any special conditions on myself for this first attempt - I just took a photograph every day with whatever implement was to hand.
  • The second time was between 1st April 2011 and 31st March 2012.  The resulting photographs are at  For this challenge, I took all of the photographs with a mobile phone using the Vignette for Android app.

This is the first time that I have attempted to keep a blog to accompany the project.  It is being hosted on Blogger.  I have used Blogger before but not for about three years and so I have to get my head around using it again.  There might be a few rough edges as I learn my way around again.